Breakout Sessions

Scroll down to review and select a breakout session to attend. Breakout sessions will begin at 10:30 a.m. and will be repeated at 11:20 a.m.

The Bottom Line: Economic Impacts of Inadequate Child Care Access in Nebraska

  • A recently released study examined the annual financial impacts of gaps in child care access. This panel discussion examines what those impacts mean for Nebraska's working parents, employers, and economy.
  • Garry Clark, Greater Fremont Development Council
    Mike Feeken, First Five Nebraska
    David Rosenbaum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Eric Thompson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Planning Outside of the Box -- How the Pandemic Challenge Brings About Change and Growth

  • During unexpected challenges or crises, school boards must respond with a resolve to sustain purposeful planning and governance through policy to support administration. This session highlights the school board leadership required to empower administration, collaborate with the community, and plan for our new "normal."
  • Marcia Herring, Nebraska Association of School Boards

Community Child Care and School Partnerships: An Essential Connection

  • Hear how the Thriving Children, Families, and Communities Conference helped develop a "big idea" into a reality, ensuring children are prepared for success. Then learn how another community‚Äôs collaborative culture identified "must haves" for partnership including data-driven decisions, collaboration, sharing materials, curricula and training, and why "all" means ALL!
  • Ron Hanson, North Platte Public Schools
    Nichole Hetz, Gothenburg Early Childhood Learning Coalition
    Allison Jonas, Gothenburg Public Schools
    Chantel Tonkinson, Ladybug Crossing Early Learning Center

The Role of the Early Childhood Workforce in Community-Led Change

  • This session introduces participants to strategies for prioritizing the voice of early childhood professionals in community-led change efforts. Key takeaways will be framed in approaches that can be easily implemented and will add value to local implementation efforts.
  • Leslie Baker, Fits & Giggles, LLC
    Cama Charlet, Buffett Early Childhood Institute
    Erika Fink, Educational Service Unit #1
    Brandee Lengel, Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative

How Are Rural Families and Communities Surviving and Thriving in Nebraska? A Research and Resource Highlight

  • A 2019 Nebraska study examined factors that impact rural community residents' well-being and the quality of life for ethnic minorities and immigrants. This session focuses on the research findings and how families can access social media support groups, mental health consultations, and other resources as part of the Coming Together for Wellness project.
  • Maria Rosario de Guzman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Cody Hollist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Building Back Better: Resources for COVID-19 and Resiliency in Action

  • Learn about COVID-19 resources for communities and child care providers, as well as explanations and practical advice to sustain and build back local child care. Representatives from several Nebraska communities will share how they are supporting their early care and education providers with supplies, resources, and connections to build relationships and make a long-term impact.
  • Saffron Buettner, Communities for Kids
    Elizabeth Everett, First Five Nebraska
    Julie Nash, Hall County Community Collaborative
    Sarah Papa, Community and Family Partnership for Platte and Colfax Counties