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  • September 22nd

    The Future of Protein

    A conversation between Pat Brown, M.D. Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Impossible Foods and Jim Carrington, Ph.D., President of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. Introduction by The Honorable Dick Gephardt.

    Presented by
    William T. Kemper Foundation

  • September 22nd

    IP Portfolio Building Strategies for Startups

    The protection of intellectual property is important for businesses of all sizes. This TableTalk will focus on IP portfolio building strategies for startups with an emphasis in patent strategy. This talk will be of particular interest to startups, inventors and investors.

    Hosted by Thompson Coburn


    September 22nd

    Healthy soils, healthy food. How should we improve our food system?

    The discussion will focus on exploring the sustainability issues of food in health & environment and social impact. The fundamental question is: How do we shift the market to recognize high-quality food and to doing it in a way that educates and serves growers and consumers? The specific focus will be given to regenerative agriculture, and soil health, and the transfer function in health and environmental benefits in support of UN SDG’s. The panel participants will speak about the role they play in advancing the impact parameters that companies, entrepreneurs should think about in the global food ecosystem.

    Hosted by Bank of America

  • September 29th

    Farm Insights

    Farmers are adopting varied strategies to create value through diversification of crops, products and markets, and new models for interacting with the food value chain from field to fork.

    Presented by

  • September 29th

    Reimagining Ag Retail

    Join us for an open, interactive discussion about ways farm supply cooperatives, retailers and independent service providers can deliver value to farmers through technology and innovation.

    Hosted by CoBank


    September 29th

    Farmers Finding AgTech Solutions

    Three Midwest farmers discuss their approach to finding and selecting AgTech for their operations. These farmers cross a range of ages, farm size, and tech experience. Each will give direct feedback on how and why technology fits their operation and how they find and select solutions. Perfect for startups and investors that need to hear the farmer point of view.

    Hosted by BioSTL

  • October 6th

    Entrepreneur Insights

    Presented by
    St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
    Missouri Technology Corporation

  • October 6th

    Global Collaborations for Growth

    Greater competition globally is driving companies and communities into more direct confrontation and cooperation. Learn how St. Louis based 39 North and Cambridge, United Kingdom based AgriTechE are leveraging global agtech collaboration and what successful cooperation offers early stage companies in both communities.

    Hosted by
    The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
    The World Trade Center


    October 6th

    Identifying and Validating True Market Needs in Agriculture

    This session will share and discuss best practices for moving beyond the hype and media buzz to identify and validate the true market needs in agriculture. The session will discuss how we, as an industry, orient ourselves to create and deploy innovations that meet these needs.

    Hosted by KWS

  • October 13th

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Risk Capital: Where Will It Go in the Next 24 Months?

    Dissecting new business trends in the industry alongside changing processes for production, distribution and retail. Where will these business changes provide the biggest opportunity for disruption and optimization?

    Hosted by Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
  • October 13th

    Agtech in STL: Why Then, Why Now?

    Join us for an interactive discussion about the evolution of the agtech ecosystem in the St. Louis region. We’ll look back at what drove significant investments over the last decade and we’ll look to the future to predict what will drive new momentum and continued growth.

    Hosted by AllianceSTL


    October 13th

    How Ameren Participates in Early-stage Investing

    Ameren has a longstanding commitment to support the health and vitality of the communities we serve. We are also excited about emerging opportunities for electricity to power our quality of life while reducing the carbon footprint of our economy. In this talk Steve will provide his point of view on efficient electrification opportunities in the AgTech sector and how we might collaborate on their development.

    Hosted by Ameren

  • October 20th

    Bridging the Valley of Death:
    The Role of Philanthropic Funding

    Spotlight on IN2 Companies

    The IN2 program is a novel partnership between the Danforth Center and the Wells Fargo Foundation aimed at bridging the technology valley of death. Can this program serve as a model that can be replicated and scaled?

    Early Discoveries Primed for Impact

    Danforth Center scientists showcase their promising food and ag technologies.

    Hosted by Wells Fargo
  • October 20th

    Post COVID-19 Industry Insider Insights

    An open discussion about the latest Ag industry challenges and trends based on a survey of AgTech NEXT attendees.

    Hosted by Thompson Coburn


    October 20th

    IN2 Innovation Ecosystem Development via Funding from Virtual Incubator

    A critical aspect of the IN2 virtual incubator, funded by Wells Fargo Foundation, includes awards to channel partners to enable them to strengthen local agriculture innovation ecosystems. Three channel partners that received innovation awards through IN2 will discuss their views on how to build viable ag innovation ecosystems and share individual initiatives that include farmer networks in the case of AgLaunch and EAGIC to connect innovation companies connect with farmers and mentoring to develop viable business models in the case of Yield Lab Institute.

    Hosted by IN2

  • October 27th

    Sustainability Insights

    How Do We Create the Food Value Chain We Want?

    With globalization, climate change and new consumer demands, what does the farm of the future look like, and how do these trends impact the entire ag and food value chain?

    Presented by KWS
  • October 27th

    Advancing a Carbon Zero Future for Agriculture

    Every investment in innovation should also be an investment in sustainability. By combining agricultural innovation with a business model that has sustainability at its core, we can – in line with our purpose – contribute to a carbon zero future for agriculture. Join us to discuss how Bayer is walking the talk with their Carbon Pilot Programs in the U.S. and Brazil

    Hosted by Bayer CropScience


    October 27th

    The Partner Playbook: What Corporate Innovation Teams Look for in
    Tech Company Partners

    With a growing number of agtech companies being incorporated every year, existing agribusinesses are inundated with opportunities. As a result, large agribusinesses must be thorough and selective when choosing who they work with. The DIA is KWS’s corporate innovation team focused on collaborations with startups and technology companies. As a guide, we’ll share our real-world framework that we use to evaluate strategic fit and the specific qualities we look for in innovation partners.

    Hosted by KWS

  • November 10th

    Envisioning the Future of Agriculture and the Planet

    How Do We Create the Food Value Chain We Want?

    The role of technology for the future of food production, post-commodity opportunities for agriculture, and communication with the public.

    Presented by Thompson Coburn
  • November 10th

    Role of Utilities in Sustainability

    Gwen is Ameren's lead on sustainability efforts and works with corporate initiatives relating to electrification. She will speak to the role Utilities play in Sustainability and address initiatives that Ameren has taken to move towards a cleaner energy portfolio.

    Hosted by Ameren


    November 10th

    The Convergence of Agtech and Geospatial

    As the St. Louis region continues to establish leading positions in geospatial technology and agtech industries, what synergies exist between the two that are accelerating innovation and driving the next phase of industry growth?

    Hosted by AllianceSTL