Conference Materials

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2021 Conference Program
Keynote Presentation Slides (Shrimali)
News Release

Breakout Session Materials

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Leveraging New and Evolving Policies and Funds to Support Local Child Care Leveraging ARPA Funds.pdf
Quality Early Care and Education Revisited: What It Means and What It Takes Quality ECE Revisited v2.pdf
Diapers to Diplomas Diapers to Diplomas.pdf
Nebraska Early Childhood Strategic Plan: Collaborating Across Communities NE Early Childhood Strategic Plan.pdf
Community Storytelling Community Storytelling - Boone Beginnings.pdf

C4K Convening Materials

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2021 C4K Program 2021 C4K Agenda.pdf
Community Storyboard Video
Keynote Keynote Presentation Slides (Lobardi)
Keynote Keynote Presentation Slides (Gaines)

COVID-19 Resources and Impact

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COVID-19 Resource Website
LR390 Report and Related Materials
NE Public Investment in Early Childhood Care and Education FY2017 Technical Report

Nebraska Preschool Development Grant (PDG)

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Nebraska Preschool Development Grant Website
PDG Strategic Plan Overview
PDG Strategic Plan
Video: Transition to Kindergarten
Brief: Transition to Kindergarten Transition to Kindergarten

The Bottom Line

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2021 Nebraska Legistlative District At Risk Maps

Elevating Nebraska's Early Childhood Workforce: Report and Recommendation of the Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce

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One-Year Update